What are Trustees?


Trustees are the people appointed in your Will to look after any assets on behalf of a beneficiary. For example, you may wish to leave part of your estate to your children, however do not want the children to receive their share until they are a specific age.

A trust can be set up either to benefit particular persons or for any charitable purposes.


Will Registering

In the UK there are 300,000 intestacies each year, this is where a valid Will cannot be found.

To avoid this you can write a Will and then register it with Certainty National Will Register. The register allows your family to find your Will quickly and easily. Certainty will record the location of your Will not the actual Will itself.

Is an online Will suitable for my circumstances?


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An online Will is generally suitable for those that do not have complex requirements. If you would like to include information about Trusts or Life Policies then i would suggest contacting a local Solicitor. The same applies for those that have large estates in excess of £500,000. Online Wills are there to cover ‘the basics’, and give you that peace of mind.

Are my step children included when leaving my estate to ‘my children’?


If you leave the residue of your estate to your children in your Will then your step children will not be included. When making a Will step children do not come under the definition of children. However if you would like to provide for your step children then you can simply name them as beneficiaries in addition to your biological children.

Can my Will be changed after I die?



Normally the answer to this question is ‘No’. However a Deed of Variation may be exercised within two years of the testator’s death to amend the terms of a Will, but only with the agreement of all the residuary beneficiaries. There may also be instances where the court could make a judgement on your Will. This can happen if your Will is challenged and have not been fair to your wife/husband or partner (or even your ex wife/husband). The Court can change your Will under the Inheritance Act 1995.