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A guardian is a person who has legal authority to care for the personal interests of another which may include the use of his or her financial resources.

The role of a guardian within a Will is to ensure that the minor children of the deceased are cared for. This may include schooling and moral training. Choosing a guardian can be very difficult and it is always advised that careful consideration is taken before reaching a decision.

If you were to die without writing a Will, the courts would decide who takes care of your minor children (Children under the age of 18). The decision of the court may be good however to ensure that your children are looked after as you would have wished, it is strongly advised to write a Will and appoint a guardian. In the majority of cases the sole surviving parent will assume care of your children however when writing a Will you should name a specific guardian for your minor children in case neither you or your partner is able to act.

A guardian must be over the age of 18 and willing to assume the responsibility. It is advised that you check with your prospective guardian(s) that they are willing to act for you before naming them in your Will.