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There are two types of Will, a Single Will and a Mirror Will (sometimes called a Joint Will).

Before you begin writing your Will you should take a few moments to consider which type of Will is best for you.

You should choose a Single Will if you have no partner or if you wish to make a Will that is different from your partner’s. For example; if you and your partner have differing wishes then you should each make a separate Single Will. You can still cater for one another in a Single Will.

You should choose a Mirror Will if you are married or in a relationship and both you and your partner wish to have identical Wills. For example; upon one partner’s death their entire estate is passed to the surviving partner. This will exclude any specific gifts detailed in the Will (i.e. a gift to a relative). When making a Mirror Will, two Wills are created one for each partner.

There is normally a difference in cost between a Single Will and a Mirror Will, but not a great difference.